God Created a Masterpiece When He Made You

There is a story of a lady who went to a yard sale and purchased a couple of candle holders and she came home and dusted them off and put them on the shelf. They were dark grey in color and the woman didn’t think they were worth much. One day a friend came over and asked her if she was going to clean them and she said she had already dusted them off. And the friend then preceeded to tell her that the candleholders were silver! They both began to polish those candleholders until the silver broke through the polish and the true beauty hidden behind the dullness came to the surface.

There was a piece of stone that Michelangelo used to make David. That particular stone was about to be thrown out and Michelangelo said, “Bring me that stone, I see an angel in that stone. He looked past the outward appearance and saw an image of something beautiful on the inside.

What is on the inside of you waiting to be released; waiting to shine through what may be dullness in your life? Discipline yourself to develop the potential that’s hidden on the inside of you. There’s a masterpiece within you waiting to be released.

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  1. catherine
    5 years ago

    i am GOD’S masterpiece!!!

  2. solomon dawit
    4 years ago

    want to be released from the bondage of the evil and the flesh

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