The Power of Diligence

Diligence is the painstaking effort to accomplish that which is undertaken. Stick with the thing. Acquire knowledge. When you truly desire something and are diligent about it, there’s something about being in pursuit of something that causes your dream to come towards you. Things begin to fall into place. You see God’s hand at work coming to your aid. Divine setups begin to occur. People begin to cross your path that give you what you need to go to the next level. There’s something about being diligent that brings positive things your way. And when that happens, it excites you to go on.

A diligent person persists even when obstacles come across your path. Learn to see problems as opportunities; as stepping stones. Choose to be diligent in the pursuit of your desires.

Get after it!

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  1. marittes
    5 years ago

    i like it as an encouragement not only for others but personally for me thanks and Praise be to our God.more power to you God bless your ministry.

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